Nuova Cleaning Services

Nuova Cleaning is dedicated to providing high quality services to the Melbourne Metropolitan area. Take a look below to find out what we specialise in, and get in touch with any additional questions.


We will take care of your general Cleaning including: 

  • Bathroom tiles are cleaned and disinfected

  • Cleaners dust commonly-used areas

  • Bathroom baseboards are wiped clean

  • Kitchen floors are vacuumed and mopped

  • Cleaners wipe the outside of range hood

  • Chairs and tables are wiped clean

  • Outside of microwave wiped down

  • General cleaning and upkeep of the kitchen area

  • Mirrors cleaned

  • Windowsills are wiped down

  • Cleaners dust picture frames


We will take care of your Spring Cleaning by Cleaning your house from top to bottom and that includes.

  • All rooms and walls and windows cleaned.

  • Inside of oven and range hood cleaned

  • Cleaners cut through grime buildup behind kitchen appliances

  • Full dusting of all corners including hard to reach areas

  • Removal of scale from shower heads, kitchen tiles, and bathroom tiles.

  • Doors are spot cleaned to remove fingerprints

  • Lamp shades wiped down

  • Upholstery and furniture vacuumed

  • The area under the sink is cleaned thoroughly

  • Washing all blinds

  • Intricate items are dusted

  • Front of cabinets are hand wiped

  • Carpet edges vacuumed


We will take care of your move out service including: 
- Vacuuming and mopping.
- Dusting and polishing of all surfaces
- Removal of cobwebs.
- The kitchen sink and all the appliances are polished and sanitised.
- Oven is deep cleaned inside and out.
- Cupboards are thoroughly wiped and polished.
- The bathroom and toilet undergo a deep clean process, where all fixtures, fittings, shower, sink, under-sink cabinet, toilet and bath are disinfected.
- Clean walls
- Clean of all windows (internal and external) including frames and fly-screens.

Man Mowing Lawn

- Lawn Mowing  
- End Of Lease Garden Tidy


We also to this service for you: 

 - Oven cleaning 
- Range hood cleaning 
- Stove top cleaning 
- Fridge cleaning 
- Microwave cleaning 
- Windows cleaning (internal and external) 


Do you have mess and clutter in your home that need to be sorted and don't know where to start? Let's us help you out to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.